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adnow how it works and how money is earned from adnow

Do you know what Adnow is, how does it work and how money is earned from Adnow? How are the money earned by adnow ads on your blog?
If you are a blogger then you must know that Google Adsense is the best ads network, but its rules are strict, due to which adsense account approval is not easy.

And even if it is approved, then it gives very little cpc (cost per click) on some site, especially some Hindi blogs get very low cpc due to which they are slightly disturbed.

To overcome this problem, today I will tell you about Adnow ad network, which you can earn by putting ads on your blog and its cpc is also quite good.

So let’s know what is Adnow without delay and how does it work?


 What is adnow? What is Adnow?

Friends Adnow is an advertisement network that provides Native advertisements, you can earn good money by putting ads on your blog.
Adnow is a quite popular ads network, which offers its service in more than 110 countries. Adnow started giving services to publishers in December 2015 and had achieved a good finish in a short span of time.
Today, more than 170,000 publishers are working with more than 1700 advertisers, which are increasingly growing.
The best thing about adnow is that it gives native ads, that means if you run a Hindi blog, then you can provide ads in Hindi font.
Which gets mixed between your articles and you get more clicks on ads too. Adnow is also called a very good alternative to adsense.

What are the benefits of adnow ads?

Friends Adnow ads have many benefits, which are not available in other advertisements networks. I have told you some benefits below that you need to know:
● The greatest advantage of the Adnow Ads network is that if your website is in Hindi or any other regional language, then you can join native networks and add native ads to your blog.
● Adnow network gives you a lot of payment over adsense, your payment comes to you within 1 week.
◆ In this network you can redeem at least $ 20.
● It gives you payment via wire transfer, PayPal, payoner.
● Adnow ads do not have any effect on your website, the speed of your site does not decrease and its ads are already checked which are safe.
◆ Adnow’s ads can be customized according to you, which is quite easy to do.
◆ It also allows you to see all the details of your ads, in which you know how many people saw ads and how many people clicked.

Can Adnow Network Ads Be Placed With Adsense?

This is a question that is very important to answer, because according to the rules of adsense, you can not place ads on other ads, so many bloggers are scared of applying other ads.
But today there are many such websites that are advertising advertisements with adnow ads and their adsense account is also absolutely safe.
There are quite a few bloggers who are earning a lot of good money from both the ads network and they have not had any problem with the placement of both ads network, so you can earn more money by putting both ads together.

How are money earned from adnow?

Knowing what friends are Adnow, you should now be wondering how money is earned from Adnow or how to create an account on Adnow.
With Adnow, you can easily earn money through your blog, but for that, visitors should be good on your blog, with 100-200page views per day you can not earn good money from adnow.
First you need to increase the number of visitors to your blog, and when you visit visitors to your site, you will earn a lot of money from adnow.

step 1:

1. First of all you have to visit adnow’s official website:

2. Once you come to the site of adnow, you have to click on the sign up button.
3.Click the registration form in front of you just before you can click, which you have to fill.

● Name – Here you have to enter your full name.
● Email – Enter your email address from which you want to create a account.
● Password – Put a good strong password here, which you can easily remember.
● Confirm Your Password – Repeat the password you entered.
● I accept and agree to the terms and conditions.
● I Am Not A Robot – You have to click here to verify ReCapcha.
● Submit – Once again, after checking your details, click on this button.
After filling this form, a confirmation mail will be sent to your email address in which you will also be given a link. Activate your account by clicking on it.


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