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How to Get Google Adsense Approval With A New Blog 2019

Creating friends, blogs or websites is just a few minutes away today, even if you do not have much technical knowledge, you can still create a blog.

But if you want to make money after blogging, then Google Adsense is a great program.

There will hardly be a blogger who does not know about Google Adsense, whether it is a new blogger or a pro blogger.

Because Adsense is a program that pays the most money than the rest of the ads network

But applying an Adsense Account is not easy because the policy of Adsense is a bit tough.
But today in this post I will tell you about Google Adsense Account Approve Kaise Karaye 10 Tips.
According to the policy of adsense, you can not connect your blog to Adsense 6 months earlier.
But there are some tips that you can approve of Google Adsense Account even before 6 months.
I myself have used these tips to connect my blog to Adsense Account while my blog has just been a few months.
You can also approve your Q Account, just follow these tips and your Adsense Account will be approved in 3-4 days.

google adsense account approve 10 tips:

1. Quality Content:

When you apply for Google Adsense, Adsense first checks the content of your blog.
If you have to approve Adsense, then you have to post 10-15 articles on your blog which should be of great quality.
You need to have more texts on the blog, because Adsense quickly approves blogs that have more text than pics.

2.Custom Domain Name:

Your blog’s domain must be customized, because free domain name (like Yoursite.blogspot.com) has very little chance of approve your adsense account.
Therefore, you should apply for adsense by creating a blog by buying a costum domain.

3.Blog Design:

You have to design your blog, which is not too colorful, you should use a theme that is fast loading and clean.
So that google can easily check your blog and google quickly approves the adsense account of such a blog which is a simple and fast load.

4.Important Pages:

You must create some important pages in your blog such as About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, etc.

So that adsense is easy to understand your blog and your Adsense Account is approve.

5.Content Copy:

If you are posting on your blog by copying posts from other blogs and feeling yourself a big dealer then this is your fault.

How smart you are, google immediately recognizes that your content is copied and adsense rejects all blogs that copyright content copy does.
If you want to get your Adsense account approved, you have to delete all the copyright content from your blog first.

6.Organic Traffic:

Although there is no fixed limit for traffic to apply adsense but for adsense approval, it is important that the traffic on your blog should not be fake or paid.

I will suggest you that unless you have a good organic traffic, do not apply for adsense.

7.Avoid Copyright Images:

There should not be copyright images on the same page as you do not have any copyright content on your blog.

You can not copy images from google or from any other website and use it on your blog unless you have the right to use that image.

You can use copyright free images which you will find on sites like pixabay.

8.Content Length:

You also need to take care of length when writing articles on blogs. Adsense does not approve such blogs that contain less length content, you should use at least 500 words in your article.

9 The blogs that contain 300 or less words on the same blog have the same difficulty in getting Adsense Account.

10. Final Tip:

If you follow these tips properly, your adsense account will be approved within a few days.

But I would recommend this to you as long as you do not have 500 views / day on your blog, you can not apply for adsnese but you can put quality content on your blog when traffic comes to your blog, then you can apply for adsense .


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