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How to create free Android Mobile App

Friends nowadays have a smartphone, and we use all the smartphones, which have lots of apps, every company has its own separate app, but do you know how these mobile apps are made and you also have free Android How to Create Mobile Application

The number of users who use Android Mobile is constantly increasing rapidly, so most people are making android app and putting it on the playstore, so that most people use their app and they can earn some money.

If you also want to create your Android app for your website or for your business and want to put it on the playstore, today I will tell you how to create an Android Mobile App for free.

In order to create an Android Mobile App, programming language is required. If you know programming, then you can easily create a mobile app.

But even if you do not get programming, you can still create a great Android Mobile App. Nowadays there are many tools and websites on the Internet, with the help of which you can create Android Mobile App for free.

How to create an Android Mobile App free? 5 Best Websites to Create Mobile App

Before knowing how to create a mobile app, let me tell you 5 best websites that you can easily create free mobile apps without coding.

1.AppsGeysar :

This is a great website for those people who want to create a free mobile app without coding. With this help you can create a great mobile app in just a few minutes.
AppsGeysar lets you create your own app and put it on the playstore later, but you have to pay some money to put an app on the playstore.

2.iBuildApp :

Through iBuildApp, you can easily create an app that also without any programming knowledge information.
In this, you get many designs that make your app look professional enough to be free.


If you run a wordpress site and you want your site to be a mobile app then this website is very usefull for you.
In this, you can create a good app for your wordpress site without coding in 5-10 minutes.


AppsBuilder is also one of the websites to create mobile app for free, which makes better applications in less time.
In this you can create a mobile app without programming for your website or for your business.


Mobincude is also a better website for creating a free mobile application. You can also create html page here.
You are given some extra features in this website but you are given some money to use it.

How to create an Android Mobile App in full full guide:

Today I will tell you how to create an Android Mobile App through AppsGeysar free, you can create an app in free from the rest of the website as well.
Step 1:
step 2:
On clicking, you will find some categories in which you have to select a category as I would like for my website, then I select the option of the website.
Once you click create, you will have the choice of email, password, you can login through facebook, google too.
After logging in, your dashboard will open and you can download your app after you have to first verify your email.
Friends, your app is now ready, you can download it whenever you want and publish it on the playstore.
If you want to earn money from your app created, just for that you have to make your account above AdMob and AdMob ads are installed on your app, after which you will start earning money from him.


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