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What is Admob, how it works and how money is earned from admob

There are so many ways to earn money from the internet, but there are few ways which are absolutely safe and trustworthy.

Of these, Google is the most paid and trusted, so many people are connected and they are also making good money.

The most popular way to earn money from Google is Google Adsense by making people earn money by placing ads on their websites and youtube channels.

But today I will tell you about another method of google which very few people know but this can also earn money like Adsense which we call Admob

Friends, you may have installed different types of apps on your mobile but have you ever wondered how these apps earn money by making apps how they benefit from making apps.

So today I tell you how you can earn money by making your own apps, and for this you just have to create your own account on Admob.

So let us know how Admob Kya Hai works and how does Admob Se Paise go to Kaise Kamaye?

What is admob? What is Admob?

Google Admob was not the product of Google since its launch, but it was made by Omar Hamoui in 10 April 2006, which Google later purchased in November 2009, giving Google $ 750 million.
Admob is a mobile advertising network that App developers can connect with their apps and place ads on their apps and earn money.
Google Admob works similarly to the same adsense, as adsense is used to generate advertisements, as well as admob me.
With Admob you can connect Android, iOS, Flash lite, windows, and most of all apps and earn money from Admob.

How are money earned from admob

Knowing what Google Admob Kya Hai is, now it is important for you to know how money is earned from Admob. For Admob Se Paise Kamane, first you have to do some important things like –
1. First of all, you should have an app that you can make yourself or even build it with a developer.
2. After creating the App, you will need to create Admob Account by visiting Admob’s website.
3. You have to upload your app even above the Playstore.
After doing all this, you have to go to your Admob account and create ads from there and put those ads in your apps.
When any user downloads your app from the playstore and uses it, it will show Admob’s ads in your app and if they click on those ads, then you get the money in return.
Now, as more people download your app, your earnings will also increase.

How can you earn more money from admob

If you want to earn more money from admob, its direct directive is to make your app popular or to make your app related to a trending topic.
So that more people will install the app and use the app daily, more people will see your admob’s ads and more people will click.
In this way you will earn more money and many people are earning up to tens of thousands of rupees by admob.


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