How to earn money from WhatsApp?

This thing may not be known to many, but it is absolutely right. I think maybe someone who has a Smartphone and who does not know about WhatsApp. Today, everybody uses whatsapp. How will it feel when you say to you that you can also earn money from WhatsApp. Those who are not aware of whatsapp, they want to say that this is a messaging app so that you can chat with other people as well as share audio, video, photos You can also share.

You guys might be thinking that you will pay WhatsApp to do any work. So let me clarify that WhatsApp does not pay any work. Yes, you can make money by using WhatsApp, there is no doubt about it. As of nowadays all of us have a Smart phone your here which we use very well, so I wondered why you should tell people something like that so that you can make some money for yourself by using the Whitespace rightly. So without delay, let us know how to earn money from mobile with the help of WhatsApp.

How to earn money from WhatsApp

If seen, WhatsApp is a simple little messaging app that we use to talk to our friends, relatives. This is a very easy app that everybody can use. In it, you can send text message as well as video, pictures, audio, which is absolutely free. Which means that you do not need to pay anyone for this, just have a connection to the Internet in your smart phone

Now the question arises that how to earn money by using WhatsApp. Yes, it is true that we can not earn money directly, but by using the right thing, we can definitely earn good money. So in this process, today I will give you information about some such methods so that you can earn good money.

What To Do To Make Money In Whatsapp

If you really want to earn money from Whatsapp then you need a lot of these things.

1. SmartPhone

2. Good Internet Connection

3. Whatsapp Group / Groups where there are too many members

ways to earn money from whatsapp

To make money from WhatsApp, you need a number of people who use WhatsAppSpace. You can meet such number of different WhatsApp Group. All you have to do is add these to various WhatsApp Group and take their numbers from there. And further in this I will tell you how you can earn money from them.

How to earn money from a group in Whatsapp

Making money in Whatsapp means earning money from Whatsapp Group. Because this is the only place in Whatsapp where you will find most of the members in one place. As we know, there can be 256 members in a group of Whatsapp. And you can add these members to your Whatsapp Group. But now the question arises that after bringing so many members together. So in front of you are going to tell you some tips so that you can bring more members to your group.

Using Link Shortening Services

It is very easy to use and it is very easy. In it, you have to shorten the link to big and popular websites, which you can use shorten.st in Mehjuda link shortening services. Once you’ve shortened the link, you have to share that link and you get the money to click on that link. The simple ones are the more money the more money is.

To implement this, you will have to research on a little website that there are websites from such angles that share such authentic, viral and popular and which people like. You will have to search such good articles as well, and you can also use good links like viral videos, cool photos, interesting facts.

Once you find websites with good content, you can shorten such links and publish it in different WhatsApp Ads. And it is a common thing that people are always looking for such content and will increase your clicks and earn your money. But here’s a familiar thing that you get money from clicks on the country. Just like if you get clicks from a country like Germany, America, UK, Australia, Canada, you can earn even more money. But in India you will get less money compared to them.

List of some URLs Shortener Websites




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