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Blog Traffic increase Best 15 Method 2019

Friends, today we will tell you how Apne Blog standard Traffic increase Because a blog is considered successful only if there is traffic on that blog.

But this applies not only for blog but also for all types of online business.

In this article, we will tell you some ways that you can make your blog very populist and traffic will increase significantly.

If you do not have traffic on your blog then there are no posts on your blog.

If you are thinking about making money by blogging and earning money then you will also need a traffic.

That’s why the first thing that should be done is to increase the blog standard traffic. It should always be noted that most of the traffic comes from organic traffic.

Organic traffic means that most of the traffic search engines should come from.

Now you must be wondering how to get traffic from the search engine. So it is a direct answer that you write content that is according to SEO.

Today, we are going to tell you how to increase the Blog standard traffic. When you read them, you will feel that it is very simple, which I have not given importance to. Let’s start.

blog on Traffic Kaise Badhaye | SEO’s Best 31 Tarike

We search various methods on the Internet to increase our blog ki traffic. They read them and forget it after some time.

They always try those experiments completely. If you follow these methods I tell you, the traffic of your blog will increase significantly.

⇒Write A Excellent Articles and your blog on traffic bad

1- Research Keyword- Before writing an article on any topic, search for that subject on the Internet, how many articles related to that topic already exist.

The most important thing is that you write article using the most searched keyword.
You can use Google Trend for this.

You can write an unique content on that topic. Which keyword will you use to write your article? For Keyword Research, you can use google keyword planner.

2- Share Your Thoughts– Share your thoughts with your readers. So that the reader can understand you well

3-Write On New Topic– Always write articles on the new Topic, and share information with Reader which is very low on the internet.

4- Write Long Article- If you think that you want organic traffic then you try to write a long article.

According to the search engine, more lengthy articles are more informative.

This does not mean you can not write a small article. Of course you can write a short article. Provided you are on an unique topic.

5- Add Social Share Button – Add social share button at the end of your blog’s article so that readers can share it on social media if they like the article.

⇒ Attractive Graphics and Images to blog traffic

6- Use Attractive Graphics and Images– Use great photos and graphics from your blog post. Always use high quality images.

7- Use Only High Quality Images– Never use images of low quality in your article. Always use High Quality Images

Use graphic or images from your own blog post or from the free stock website. Never use copyright images.

8- Do not Use A lot of Images-blog post should not use too much images. Use only images in your blog post that are related to that post. And their use is extremely important.

9- Create an Intro Images – Make an Intro images of Blog Post and use those images as the first blog post.

Use at least one images in your blog post. Do not add unnecessary images to your blog post.

⇒Social media from traffic

10- Create a facebook Page For your Blog – Make a facebook page by the name of your blog and share every single post on your blog.

11- Create g + Page For your Blog- Make google + pages for your blog and share this with all your posts.

12- Tweet your post – Share your blog post on twitter too.

13- Keep in Touch with Reader by Social media- You have been in touch with your reader and follower through social media. And tell them about your blog and new blog post.

⇒Comment and Guest Post from your blog on traffic bad

14- Make Comment– You can comment on another blog related to the niche of your blog. So you can get backlinks. And the other blogger and reader can know about your blog

15- Write Guest Post for Other Blog– On another popular blog, you write guest post. From there onwards, traffic will come to your blog on a pilgrimage.


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