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auto liker facebook how to increase facebook like

Do you want to know how to increase the likes of Facebook? So read this post carefully because here we are about to tell you how to increase Facebook Likes. Friends are more difficult to get more friends at the beginning and upload on more photos and status at the beginning for new user on Facebook, but if you can get more likes on your photos and status in some way, then it is more likely that soon The number of your fb friends will increase as well as your popularity in your friend circle too.

So, keeping this in mind, today we will tell you how to increase Facebook Likes which after knowing your fb photos and status will not have 20-30 but 150+ Likes in just one click. The way we are about to tell you, you can not only get fb Likes but also Auto Comment and Fane page likes on your photos and status. So let’s start singing at no time now.

How to increase the likes of Facebook?

How to Increase the Likes on Facebook “It is very important to let you know that in such a way, the likelihood that your fb photos and status falls on is truly real. But it does not belong to your own fb friends but the users connected to this application. That is, if you also like to read like, comment on your photos by visiting this Auto liker app. If you do not want your liking or comment, you will get other users connected to it.
The Facebook app that we are going to talk about today, its name is Dj liker. This app is much better than all Liker apps and is quite easy to use. With the help of this app, you can easily get 150+ Likes at once. So let’s first know what this is the auto liker app and what is the disadvantage in using them. If you want to know how to increase fb directly, then read the post a bit below.

fb auto like what its advantages and disadvantages

fb auto like is a kind of online tool that works on the exchange system. All such apps and websites giving this kind of facility like on your fb using the same technology. This works like this, whenever you login from your fb account on a liker app. So he tells you to generate a token. This token has some rights, like it can do your photo like, comment in them.
In a way, access to your fb account goes to them. Now the biggest question here is of fb security, whether such auto liker apps can harm your Facebook account. So let’s first give you some tips to use it, so that your fb account can be safe.
1) Do not log in to your real account. Rather use it as a second fack account
2) Do not use it several times in a day. Because fb considers it a spam and risky process. Because of which he can block your account.
3) If you use your main account, then immediately change your password immediately after increasing the likelihood.
4) Do not use different liker app at one time, your account may be hacked.


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