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# 5 Best Blogging Course, Learn Blogging Now


For the past some time, blogging and blogging have increased considerably faster. Looking at this, I have brought some blogging courses for you that you will get to learn a lot. Believe it if you complete this course well then you can become a professional blogger. Here I have listed 5 courses, all I have chosen from Udemy.
What is Udemy? What is the use of it?
Udemy is an online educational platform where you will find thousands of courses in which you can learn by joining. If you want to do any kind of new course, then this is the best platform for you. You will get the international level skills here.

If you take any course from any nearby institute, you have to pay a lot of fees. Suppose you have to learn website development, then at least 8 thousand to 35 thousand rupees is charged for this. You will be surprised to know that this course can be done only in less than Rs.1000 on Udemy and you are also given certificates for every course.

Why Do Online Courses?

The biggest advantage of doing an online course is that if you have forgotten a topic from the course, then you can learn it again. Let me tell you that Udemy gives all courses for life. For this, you have to create an account on it. You can signup on your email id and a password so that whenever you need your course, you should open it in the future.

Earn Money from Blogger in Hindi | Make Online Money in Hindi

 this course
Arshad Amin
 A professional web designer, developer and SEO who has been created by
 Expert is. The special point of this course is that it has been said that all the methods are free. With this course you have a theme
 Free will be found in the design which is very good.

In this you will learn-On Blogger

  • On Blogger
  • Making Money With Blogging Without Spending
  • About Adsense
  • Free theme and editing it
  • Website make

# 2 WordPress 2017 A TO Z Master Training In Hindi & Urdu

These courses are for people who want to learn blogging on WordPress. WordPress is my favorite platform for blogging, because it offers a lot of features. I liked this course made by Ashish Pandey because it has been well explained about all parts of WordPress.
  • In this you will learn-
  •  About all sections of
  • WordPress
  • About Domain and Hosting
  •  Set-up
  • Theme
  • Sitemap
  •  about
  • SEO
  • Newsletter Setup
  • About Google Analytics

learn WordPress Tutorial in Hindi / Urdu

This blogging course has been very well explained about WordPress. In addition, it has been shown on a blog by doing online live work. After doing this course, you can make your own blog on WordPress and earn money from it too. You just have to work hard on this.
  • In this you will learn-
  • About domain and hosting
  • responsive
  • Creatives and
  •  Website creation
  •  To set up
  • The blog
  • Changing theme
  • Use of plugins

 complete WordPress Training in Urdu / Hindi

This course has been well-informed about all the tools and sections of WordPress. In this you have been explained in both WordPress online and offline methods. Also by setting up a blog is shown. With this course you will be given 3 premium themes for free.

In this you will learn-

  • Installing WordPress on Online and Offline
  • Servers
  • For blogging
  • Theme
  • WordPress dashboard
  • Plugins
  • And
  • To set up
  •  about
  • about
  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Security
  • about

It is better to spend a lot of money in web development or blogging from nearby coaching or training centers. You can join Udemi here but you have to spend more than Rs. It will also save you time and save money as soon as the end of the course depends on you. After completing the course, you will also be given Certificate by Udemy.


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