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How to Increase Traffic from Quora to Your Website Starting from Scratch In 2019

Are you struggling to increase traffic to your websites?

It’s continuously frustrating to ascertain a web site traffic despite the fact that you’re operatingexhausting to make nice content.

“Build it, they’ll come” is not true for many on-linebusinesses.

You have to go out and work hard to promote your business so others can read it (and hopefully from the buy something).
That is said You need to find a platform that helps you get “highly targeted visitors” to your site so that you get more conversions along with traffic.
Here’s where Quora comes in play Quora is the # 1 Q & A platform where you can find useful information on a wide range of topics starting from rockets to nanotechnology to real estate and what not?
The best part about Quora is that you can use it to share your knowledge with others and add links to your own website. All in all, Quora can be a great platform for bloggers and marketers to drive a ton of traffic to their websites.

Here’s an in depth orientation Quora to extend your web site traffic in 2019

Let’s get started without much ado

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Increase Traffic from Quora to Your Websites

Why Should You Use Quora: Top 10 Benefits

If you’re curious to know why should you be using Quora in 2019 and beyond, here are few of the biggest benefits of using Quora.

1. Helps you find interesting blog topics
First things first. If you’re a blogger, you’ll find Quora an amazing place to come up with a ton of useful topic ideas for your blog. You can literally skim through millions of Q & A threads on thousands of topics.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a fitness, real estate or technology related blog, you’ll find dozens of useful content ideas to use on your blog. Just enter any topic of your choice and Quora gives you a lot of ideas.

As you can see above, we took the example of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Quora instantly generated a ton of questions that people asked about SEO. You can scroll down and find hundreds of such questions which you can cover on your blog if you’re blogging about SEO.

It means, Quora can help you generate a ton of useful questions almost on any topic within seconds. Then, you can simply perform keyword research on those topics to start creating contents to increase your search traffic.
2. Quora helps you become an authority
Do you want to build a highly successful blog in the long run? Then, focus on becoming an expert and authority in your industry instead of looking for other metrics like traffic, sales, email subscribers etc.
Why? That’s how you can increase your online exposure, attract the right people and gain people’s trust. These are the things that come as byproducts by becoming an authority in a niche or particular topic.
Quora provides you with a great platform to express your thoughts and set yourself as an authority in your niche. Just make sure to pick few selective topics where you’ve skills and experience and start writing answers. The more views and followers you get on Quora, the quicker you can become an expert in your selected topics.
3. Increases your website sales
Did you know that Quora can be really helpful for increasing your website sales? Did you know that we made some money from Quora?
As you can see above, we made $100 for one sign up which came from one of the Quora answers.
Here’s how it worked. Someone read one of the answers we posted on Quora, they liked it so much so that they instantly used one of the affiliate links we included in that post to purchase hosting from Bluehost.
That’s how we generated 1 successful affiliate sale which earned us $100. So it’s really a great way to increase your website earnings and overall affiliate sales from Quora.
All in all, use Quora to post great answers (make sure they are extremely useful to your target audience), include links to your own posts so that people can read them (include affiliate links if you want, but don’t paste them all over your answers), sit back and relax!
4. Improves your writing skills
Quora can be a great platform for improving your writing skills. We all know blogging requires excellent writing skills, the more compelling your blog posts are the more popular they will become.

To be able to write great blog posts, you need to get into the habit of writing almost daily. Here’s where a platform like Quora comes into handy where you can write answers on your favourite topics and the best part is you also get applause in the form of upvotes, new followers and comments (if your answers are really helpful for others on Quora).
If you want to use Quora to improve your writing skills as a blogger, write almost every single day (even if you don’t want to publish them as you can save your Quora answers as drafts and edit them or publish anytime you want).
Also follow other Quorans who are writing excellent answers with stunning writing style as you can learn so much by reading “great writing”.
5. Introduces you to new audience
Did you know that Quora has over 300 million active monthly users? That’s a HUGE number considering the fact that Quora is a Q & A platform and the number of active users are growing rapidly every single month.
There are also more than 400,000 topics on Quora covering a wide range of topics from science to technology to fitness and so on. So what do these stats tell you? If you’re actively participating on Quora, you can reach out to a ton of new audience.
As you can see above, Quora fetched us over 3000 new visitors to the site within a year. Although it’s not a BIG number but definitely significant amount of people are coming to our site from Quora which is great.
Reaching out to new audience is the best way to increase your online exposure, build your brand and improve your overall authority as a blogger. So what are you still waiting for? Pick few topics which interest you and start writing to attract new audience to your site.
6. Helps you connect with influencers
One of the biggest reasons to use Quora is to connect with other influencers in your industry. Not only in your industry, but you can find and connect with most of the influencers ranging from Prime minister of Canada to Quora CEO to Robert Frost (who works at NASA).
If you’re wondering about the popular users on Quora (based on their followers), here’s the list for you.
  • Balaji Viswanathan has 506,411 followers (he is an Indian and the #1 most followed Quora on the platform)
  • Adam D’Angelo has 398,595 followers (he’s the who’s behind Quora, the CEO)
  • Jimmy Wales has 376,204 followers
  • Richard Muller has 272,311 followers
  • Robert Frost has 249,869 followers
  • Awdhesh Singh has 249,786 followers
  • James Altucher has 236,661 followers
  • Roman Saini has 206,852 followers
  • Justin Trudeau has 192,281 followers
  • Dushka Zapata has 187,644 followers
The above number of followers increases depending on how often they are writing new (and helpful) answers, so they change accordingly.
So if you really want to connect with any influencer, Quora can be a great place for you. From CEOs to startup founders and small business owners, you can literally connect with almost anyone.
7. Quora is a treasure for knowledge
Reading an answer and creating a useful answer for your audience is much more productive than browsing through pictures and liking them on sites like Facebook.
Your time is better spent on Quora when compared to other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Sites like Facebook is where you find unwanted junk (including photos or videos or funny stuff of other people) and you’re filling your brain with useless stuff.
Whereas Quora is a platform where you can find lots of interesting stuff which can actually help you learn something new and something useful. To put it simply, Quora makes you smart.
8. Quora helps you find the RIGHT answers
It doesn’t matter whether you are using Quora for doing research or to fix something, it helps you find the best answers and great information in one place. There are a lot of experts from various industries including dental to science to technology provide and share their wisdom with other users on Quora.
If you’re a blogger, you can find so much helpful information related to the topics you’re going to cover on your blog. So you can use Quora for doing research, coming up with new ideas and strategies and so on.
If you still don’t find answers or better answers to a particular question or topic, you can post a question by yourself (either by using your name or you can also post it anonymously). If the question is interesting enough, it will definitely fetch some good answers in the future.
9. Helps you get mentions from top sites
Do you want to get featured on big sites like Forbes, The Huffington Post, Time, Business Times and so on? Quora can help you with that.
Why? Because most of the top online publications like Forbes generally rely upon on authority platforms like Quora to republish few excellent answers on Quora.
In fact, Forbes has a separate category which regularly publishes useful answers from Quora (which also gives you credit, by linking to your Quora profile). Here’s how it looks like;

Forbes has a separate news section called “Quora contributor” which collects information from Quora and publishes the best answers from the platform by providing a credit to the original Quora answer.
Not only that, once your answer gets published on such top sites, Quora also publicly displays it in your credentials.
Have a look at it once;
As you can see above, not only your answer gets featured on Forbes (or whatever the publication it is) badge but it will also be shown up in the “Published Writer” section on your Quora profile.
We all know how hard it is to get featured on top publication platforms like Forbes, Slate, HuffPost and so on. In fact, getting featured (name drop or linking to your site) is really expensive as it costs you thousands of dollars.
But with Quora, you can easily get featured on those sites at free of cost if your answers are really great. Make sure your answers don’t have any typos or grammatical mistakes and establish yourself as an authority on Quora to be able to land on top sites like Forbes.
Here are few proven ways to get featured on top sites like Forbes with your Quora answers.
Follow top writers on Quora: Firstly, you need to find and follow top writers on Quora. Quora shows “Top Writer” tag for all the top writers along with the years they stood as top writers. Did you know that, most of the answers written by top writers get featured on top publication sites like Forbes, The HuffPost etc?
By following top writers on Quora, you can find what are all the answers they are getting featured on top sites like Forbes. It gives you an idea about what kind of questions or topics you can choose in the future.
Although you don’t particularly need to become a “Top Writer” on Quora to be able to get featured on top sites with your Quora answers, but having that helps you immensely. To be able to become a “Top Writer”, you firstly need to be an expert in few key topics (categories) and provide useful answers on those topics regularly.
There are no thumb rules in how one can become a top writer on Quora but writing great answers (without adding any duplicate contents), having great command over English writing, being consistent with your answers can help.
Write technical related answers: Did you know that sites like Forbes is more biased towards publishing Quora answers which are mostly related to technology? Yes, that’s true. You can go through Forbes Quora section and you’ll find that most of the Quora answers that get picked by Forbes are related to technology.
So start finding trending topics or questions around technology. Provide authoritative answers and you’ll have high chances of getting featured on sites like Forbes.
Reach out to people who’ve already been featured: This is a less-known tip but works really great. You need to make a list of all the people whose answers have already been featured on top sites like Forbes and reach out to them. Make sure these contacts are covering similar topics as yours.
You can follow those writers, connect with them on social media, start upvoting or commenting on their Quora answers regularly to get into their radar. Once you’ve built a small connection, you can message them asking for the tips on how to get featured on those sites. It’s simple but works like a charm.
10. Quora helps you make money from it
Did you know that you can make money directly from Quora? Yes, with the Quora partner program (which was launched last year i.e 2018), all the users on Quora have the opportunity to make money from their answers.
Here’s how the Quora partner program works:
  • Ask questions (The more people there are who want answers to questions you ask and the better the answers to these questions, the more you’ll earn. It’s as simple as that)
  • Help questions get answers (You can also request answers to questions from qualified writers on Quora, that way you’re helping other helpful questions to get useful answers)
  • Get paid (You make money from the advertising revenue earned from answers you produced on Quora)
Have a look at the following earning chart on Quora:
top earners quora

As you can see above, here’s the top 5 earning partners report from Quora.
  • $1,669.39 this week ($6,699.83 this last month)
  • $1,461.35 this week ($1,920.17 this last month)
  • $676.40 this week ($1,805.85 this last month)
  • $572.53 this week ($1,343.81 this last month)
  • $542.83 this week ($2,431.16 this last month)
You can clearly see that, at an average, top-earning partners on Quora are earning at an average of $2000 to $6000 from Quora every single month. That’s a lot of money, right?
So what are you still waiting for? Start asking better questions and try to get better answers to those questions if you really want to make money from Quora.

How to Raise On Quora to Increase Your Website Traffic And Sales Starting from Scratch

Do you want to become popular on Quora? Do you want to use Quora to increase your website traffic? Or do you want to boost your online sales? Here’s what you need to know about raising on Quora starting from scratch.

Define your goals for Quora

The first step is to define your goals for Quora. What do you really want from Quora? Why are you going to use it?
Here are few questions that can simplify the process of goal setting for Quora.
  • Do you want more traffic to your site from Quora?
  • Do you want to increase your website sales?
  • Do you want to get noticed online?
  • Do you want to brainstorm new blog post ideas?
  • Do you want to connect with other bloggers through Quora?
Once you figure out the goals to achieve from Quora, you can come up with a solid strategy to get more out of it. Otherwise, if you’re just getting started without defining your goals, you’ll use it for a few days and go back to normal stuff. So define your goals.
Once you’re done with setting goals for Quora, here’s what you need to do next to get started with it.

Step 1: Click here to sign up for Quora, you can also sign up by connecting to your Facebook account. It’s completely free to join.
Step 2: Click on the “Search Quora” option to enter your favorite topics or keywords to find and follow new topics on Quora. You can also search for people, bloggers or influencers in your niche to follow them.
Following people and topics is extremely important as Quora provides you the digest in your Quora feed with the same questions and answers thread that you follow. So follow as many topics and people as you can that you’re interested in.
Step 3: Pick a question that you’re interested in and start answering it. Once you’re done with writing, click on publish and it will be going live on Quora and your followers can see it. All the people who are already following the question you answer will also get to read your answer.
The more useful your answer is, the more upvotes (similar to likes on Facebook) it can fetch. The more upvotes your answer gets, the more people get to see it (and if your answer becomes viral on Quora, which ultimately helps you get more followers).
So your goal with Quora if you want more followers or exposure is to pick the right questions that you’re interested and answer some really helpful answers.

Find your target audience

Finding the target audience can be hard for other platforms, but not for Quora as it’s extremely easy to define your target audience so you can serve them better by providing great answers.

Let’s assume, you mostly talk about SEO, you can simply start finding your target audience by typing that keyword or topic into Quora search.
The people who’ve both asked and answered these questions fall within your target audience. So simple, isn’t it?
Make sure to enter more related keywords or the topics you want to target to find more people who are interested in those particular topics. Once you’re done with it, it’s time for you to understand your target audience wants and needs.

Here are few questions you need to ask yourself to know your target audience needs.
  • What my target audience is asking?
  • What problems are they facing?
  • What do they really want?
So there you go. Once you figure out your target audience along with their needs, you can serve them better with your answers on Quora.



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