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Top 10 Plus Affiliate Marketing Tools And Plugins List to Skyrocket Your Sales In 2019


You just got an affiliate sale “.
I love reading those emails in my inbox.

Whenever i buy a brand new affiliate sale, it makes me happier.

Who does not like getting more money in their pockets?

If you’re wondering about how to get more affiliate sales, I have a simple tip for you.

Get access to the right affiliate promoting tools and plugins and you’ll be saving plenty of your time and cash.

This detailed post is written to justify people like you are struggling to increase their affiliate sales.

You will discover a number of the simples affiliate promoting tools and plugins. I in personuse (or tried within the past).

So are you ready? Let’s get into the details

1. Get Response

Hands down, email selling is the king’s once involved involving growing affiliate sales.

Affiliate marketing is all 3 major things
You can not get any one of them This is where email marketing comes in play If you want to boost your affiliate sales, make sure to update your email list from day 1.
Even to this date, Get Response remains a top-notch product It’s one of the best email marketing programs on the market today. You can avail all its features at a very reasonable price. I’ve been using this for over 3 years and I am a satisfied user.
With Get Response, you can get access to extensive A / B testing options, single-click list segmentation, and a tremendously helpful array of tools and reports. Get Response is absolutely good for all digital marketing professionals due to these reasons:

Get Response offers a 30-day free trial for a listing of up to 250 subscribers, no credit card required.

The basic email plan gives you unlimited email marketing, auto responders and a landing page that accommodates up to 1,000 visitors / month. There are categories in this like Pro, Max and Enterprise where it removes all kind of limitations.

Get Response offers a formidable one

They offer excellent 24/7 chat services to their purchasers

They offer two types of editors, one is “Drag-and-Drop Email Editor” and the other is “HTML Source Editor.” While creating your campaign. With this you can customize any options and activate A / B testing, and / or set the campaign to share via linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You can check how the custom email will look on a mobile device.
You will have wide variety of templates that are arranged in categories such as sports, seasonal / birthday, internet marketing, publishing, and non-profit.
With Get Response, designing your email is very easy. Just use drag and drop elements (text boxes, images, etc.) in the editor
Get Response makes it easy to send in

You can preview them the extraordinarily handy Inbox Preview.

When it comes to reporting, it covers all the basics as well.
It does not issue a refund if you change your mind about their services, or if you violate your terms of use.
There are few hidden charges.
The interface is not intuitive
Here are their great selection of features:
With over 500 templates and a WYSIWYG interface, you can create emails very easily.

The landing page creator permits you to quickly produce a landing page, choosing from more than 100 templates.

It’s A / B testing feature allows you to test and compare up to five variations of the subject line, email content, from field, or time of sending.
It offers the ability to engage with your customers.
It allows users to segment their campaign as per their time travel option.

This feature ensures that a mass mailing is going on in everyone’s mailbox at constant time.

Get Response provides both time-based and action-based auto responders to increase subscriber engagement, along with detailed guides

The “Form Builder” feature permits you to easily produce email sign up forms for websites or Facebook pages.

Get Response incorporates a comprehensive anti-spam policy so as to stay its deliver ability rates high.

2. Amazon Product In a Post

Some of the affiliate selling WordPress plugins create the complicated method, thus easy.

However, conjointly your cash

If you have an Amazon affiliate account and you do not think the available Amazon widgets are that great, then this plugin may be for you
The plugin uses the Amazon Product Advertising API Amazon Product In a Post Plugin is used to quickly add a formatted Amazon product and item to a post or page using just the Amazon Product ASIN
To use the plugin
An Amazon Affiliate Account
Amazon Product Advertising API Keys (Root Keys Only)
What do you do with this plugin?
Whether an existing post or an already written post, you can add any Amazon product or item.
With custom Amazon product, you can get your own blog posts and add your own reviews, descriptions.

You can create the content of the merchandise layout.

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Without SEO, you can not get more website traffic Without traffic, you can not get more affiliate sales. It’s as simple as that
If you are affiliate marketing, then you know the value of good organic ranking for the products or services your business offers. Having a better ranking for the services and products your business is more important as more potential customers are searching for the products related to your industry every day.
The sooner your website is on page 1 of Google, better the results. Here’s where a proper SEO tool like WordPress SEO by Yoast comes in handy. It’s not just a free plugin but it is also helpful for growing your search traffic through on page optimization.
Here’s how Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress helps you improve on-page SEO and organic search engine rankings:
You can learn how to get it when you are searching for a Google search result snippet preview.
It has the ability to get your verified Google Authorship for your website.
It helps in ranking your SEO value page by page from Bad, Poor, Ok, and Good It will also give you recommendations on how to improve from Poor to Good – counting the keyword density and how frequently your focus keyword appears on page

title, meta description, and the content of that particular page or post.

Once your content is published, it has the ability notify search engines automatically when linked with Google Webmaster tools.
If you want to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content and what pages to see for specific information then yoast will automatically generate

an XML website map file where you’ll be the net pages of your site.

4. Thirsty Affiliates

Wanna hide affiliate links and still create them look pretty?

Here is the plugin for you If you are a professional blogger then you will obviously know it as a great source of income.

It is associate degree affiliate link management plugin for WordPress that enables you to store affiliate links, organize them in categories.

In order to manage affiliate links, you need an affiliate marketing related wordpress plugin.

That’s where Thirsty Affiliates plugin comes in to manage your all affiliates links easily.
How this plugin helps you?

It helps you make branded affiliate URLs

It has a built-in search feature which allows you to easily search for an affiliate link.
Why to hide affiliate links any way?

Most of the people think, hiding affiliate links is not suitable

But wait, there are so many good reasons to use.
You can track the number of times visitors to your links by running affiliate links via an internal redirect. If you want to calculate conversion rates, then this is valuable information.
Make simple and short URLs Some affiliate programs provide ugly and long URLs.

Many affiliate programs embrace your affiliate ID within the link.

If you use the same ID on multiple sites, it can make it very easy for people to discover all of the affiliate sites that are running through a simple Google search.

5. AdSanity

This plugin allows you to create and manage ads on views and clicks. It’s a simple and fast ad rotator plugin

Through WordPress dashboard, you can add and manage local image-link ads or external network ads.

You can set and publish dates for ads

You can also create and manage ad groups.

Using sidebar widgets, you’ll insert ads or ad teams in the sidebar.

You can monitor views and clicks of ads
Here are the amazing features of this plugin:
You can keep it simple setup feature. To develop the Administration of AdSanity, they always focus on user experience.

Users at home with managing posts and classescan notice management ads and teamsstraightforward.

With the only Ad device, users will simply drop the device into the sidebar and select that ad to show.

If the ad list grows overlapped, the only ad device includes a handy search to sift through the ad list.

There is additionally a commercial cluster that shows a selected cluster of ads.

It permits for 2 publication choices specificallyinfinite or date-based.

However, Infinite wants to remove from view
You can also call the ads in a defined date range.

There area unit many add-ons to increase the core practicality of this plugin, as well as users to advertise in many ways

The plugin also includes strategic actions and filters. WordPress developers who want to customize and increase the functionality of the AdSanity platform.

6. SEMrush

Are you curious about why the SEO tool like SEMrush enclosed during this best affiliate promoting tools list?

Do not wonder

To increase your affiliate sales, you may want to bring additional search traffic.

To get more search traffic, you need to have access to the right tools like SEMrush and that’s why I’m listing it here.

1. Check your competitor’s Ad texts: Using SEMrush, you can check their accurate Ad data and also track ads through Google and Bing with a wide variety of metrics and

data sets as well as CPC, competition score, positions, traffic, ad text and more.

Take a look at the call to action they are using. What kind of deals are they offering. You can visually see what offers are driving traffic to your competitors websites and then make changes to your own ads to turn that traffic around.
2. Find profitable long tail keywords: SEMrush provides highly accurate and relevant keyword data. It tracks over 100 million keywords by volume in a number of different databases for both local and international versions of Google and Bing.
The one good thing about the long tail keyword phrases in your particular niche is that they typically have a much lower level of competition. So it is easier to rank within the top ten results of a search engine.
Long tail keywords bring much more targeted traffic. These are usually what people are searching for things that they already know about or that doesn’t know.
3. Competitor Research: Using SEMrush, you can review what your competitors are doing online. You can see the top keywords they are using and see where they are beating you in search.

SEMrush conjointly permits you to search outout the highest twenty pages that area unitranking surely keywords.
Instead of specializing in a selected contender, you can focus on the keywords.

4. Compare Domains: SEMrush allows you to compare up to five domains in a side by side comparison.

With the domain versus domain comparison tool you’ll be able to see what keywords you have got in common.
You can conjointly see wherever they rank for each organic and paid search.

5. Keyword Difficulty Tool: SEMrush’s keyword difficulty tool puts a number to each keyword and shows you the difficulty in ranking your website to it. It is important if you are trying to target the right people to your website.
Read: SEMrush Unbiased Review with Screenshots with 14 days free trial

7. Floating Banner Advert Rotator Box

In order to get an honest portion of the site’s financial gain, most blogs display advertisements, banner ads.
If you would like to push affiliate merchandise or to sell advertising then here is that the plugin that permits you to show ads on your websitewithin the handiest

places to optimize your space.

Each time somebody visits your website a banner advert are going to be chosen randomlyand be shown.

This plugin works nice with split testing banner adverts.
In the admin space it lists every banner with statistics for views, clicks and clickthroughs.

It clearly places on the page wherever websiteguests can see your affiliate advertisements.

To make sure that ad doesn’t appear whenever users refresh the page or open a new page or post, this plugin makes use of session storage within the user’s browser

to solely show the advert once anytime they visit.

8. Affiliate WP

AffiliateWP could be a reliable WordPress plugin that offers you the affiliate selling tools that helps you to grow your business and createextra money.

It is packed with wide variety of features:
It can track affiliate referrals reliably.
It is integrated fully with popular WordPress eCommerce and membership plugins.
It can track affiliate-referred visits, referrals, earnings and affiliate registrations in real time without any delay.

With affiliate coupon pursuit, connect coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts.

You can moderate affiliate registrations, edit individual affiliate accounts and see your top earning affiliates.

It enables automatic affiliate account creation for all users who register a new WordPress user account on your site.

It uses WordPress-friendly shortcodes for the affiliate login type.
affiliateWP is seamlessly integrated where it looks and feel like WordPress. It is extremely expensible where you can add custom features and functionality.

9. Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager is one of all simplestaffiliate selling plugins out there

There ar several bloggers effectively borrow their affiliate’s audiences.

WP Affiliate Manager helps you manage an affiliate marketing program.
How it helps you?
It facilitates the affiliates recruitment, login, registration and management process.
It tracks the referrals that are appropriate to your site and give commissions appropriately.
It integrates with some popular e-commerce solutions like WooCommerce, Simple Shopping Cart, WP eCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP eStore, Paid Membership Pro, S2Member.
Whatever the number of affiliates you have, you can track them all.

You can add as many banners or text link ads as you would like

You can track what number of times a specificaffiliate ad

10. WP in Post Ads

Did you see blogs that have ads within their post content?

These ads are either the primary paragraph or most of the cases.

There are different ways by which you can add AdSense in between the post. Here is the ultimate ad management plugin for in-post ads in WordPress posts and website.
It has the ability to split test ads, reposition ads, count views and customize it for each post. You will see higher earnings with your optimized ads

You can test your ads just to make sure that the most clicks and generates the most profit.
You can keep track of impressions.
Wanna generate lots of clicks? Then position your ad after the title, the right or right in the center
You can add your content right into the content and select it.
You can get detailed statistics and data on your ad performance through Google Analytics


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