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What is insurance and how many types of insurance


What is insurance or is it for the insurance company?

Hello friends, all of you are welcome once again in this new post on one side and in today’s post we will know what the insurance is and how much insurance is there (What is Insurance and Types Of Insurance)

What is insurance

Insurance is a type of weapon to deal with future losses. We do not know what is going to happen in the future, so we compensate for future losses through the insurance policy.

Insurance means safety from risk. If an insurance company insures any person, then the insurer compensates the person for financial loss.

If the insurer has insured a car, house or smartphone, in the event of the breaking, rupture, loss or damage to that item, the insurance company compensates the owner of the condition according to the pre-determined condition.

There are many types of insurance.

Insurance is usually of 2 types

(1) life insurance
(2) General insurance

  1. Life Insurance

Life insurance means that the person who has taken insurance [insurance] gets something, then the insurance company compensates the person’s dependent.

General Insurance

General insurance includes house, animal, vehicle, crop, health etc.

● Home insurance

If you insure on your home and later there is any loss to your home, then the insurance company is compensated for it.

● Auto insurance

If you are insured on your vehicle and later you have any losses to your vehicle, then the insurance company is compensated by it. It is very important to insure the vehicle if your own vehicle has not been insured then you can stop the traffic by stopping traffic. is

● Travel insurance [Travel insurance]
● Crop Insurance
● Health insurance

Friends, here we have explained what insurance is and how many types of insurance you have, how do you like this in our comments and do not forget to share it with your friends and share it with your friends.

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