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Introduction: Why Blogging?

Blogging has gained traction for people seeking passive income in the past decade. This is because the internet is readily available in almost all parts of the world. The speeds are also very good to sustain heavy usage by many customers. Many internet providers are doing a good job in innovating which encourages a lot of users. A blog is a website in which the author passes information in written form. The messages are passed using blog posts where the author can pick almost anything to talk about. With more and more people getting most of their information from the internet, there is someone looking for whatever you want to talk about. With so much information online, your content is bound to get buried in the noise. The only thing that will separate you from the rest is if you infuse some of your personality and opinions. Everything that

we shall discuss in this book has been done and will continue being done, therefore, you have to make sure your personal perspective comes out in the way you write or conduct this business called blogging. The main aim of blogging is to create an intimate communication between yourself and your reader . There is a comment section in every blog where the reader can leave their questions, thoughts, and feedback on the topic in the blog post. The readers that will follow your blog are people interested in what you have to say, and you must do your best to be authentic and trustworthy so that they can support your business. You have to ensure that you create a loyal fanbase who will support any business venture you may want to start. Many people have argued that it may be too late to start blogging in 2019 because there are way too many people blogging nowadays, but I beg to differ. There will

always be a gap in what you can offer in any field even if it is saturated. There is always something you can contribute, either new or additional. Another myth is that you need to be a master or expert in the topic you want to write about. You don’t need any prior knowledge or to be a master of writing at all. You just need to be able to conduct research on your niche or topic and be able to give true, accurate, and useful information. Once you do that, boom you are an expert in the area that people will respect and seek out. All the tools you need are available online and there are many courses, books, video, and many other resources that are out there for beginners. They explain step-by-step ways on how you can move from amateur to expert in almost any field or niche. Does it sound too easy? Don’t be skeptical, just realistic. Blogging requires patience and dedication. There is no overnight success in making money blogging, especially if you don’t do it

consistently. The main thing you will need to have in this business is a passion for both learning and the topic you choose to focus on. These two things will keep you motivated even if you don’t make money the first couple of months or more. The reason passion is very important is because readers will see through your act very fast and you shall miss out on some loyal readers. Basically, as a PASSIONATE blogger, you are set to reach out to other passionate fans or curious novices of your niche. Strive to hit the loyal fan ratio of 500 hundred people that will give you just 20 dollars per month, and trust me, there are many ways of doing that! Read on to discover them.

You get to make money from any part of the world.

There are literally no limitations as to where or when you can blog. As long as you have internet and a portable computer, or even a smartphone or tablet, you are set to start. As long as you have created a great blog that has a loyal following, you can even make money as you sleep. Some bloggers become digital

nomads because they have understood that blogging gives them the freedom to travel and still make money. Some of them even live on full time blogging because they earn enough money to sustain their lifestyles. There are literally no limits to the money you can earn, if you act smartly.

Tell your story online

Blogging isn’t just about making money for everyone. Some people find it therapeutic to put their life experiences, real or fictional stories, and other personal information on the internet. Some stories are meant to inspire , educate, and stimulate the mind and need to be shared where everyone can see. There is also a need for escapism for many people, so they turn to the blogs and vlogs (which we will talk about later) of people living different types of lives to experience the adventure they don’t see in their own lives. There is a wide audience that is meant to enjoy these stories and appreciate the candor.

Put yourself, your brand or business

out there The importance of setting up a website and social media in today’s business world cannot be understated. This is because people want to see what you are all about before they commit to buying from you. Google, Bing , and Yahoo searches are some of the ways in which people discover new people, products, and the services that they may have been searching for. In addition, searches on Facebook (with 1.8 billion users), Instagram/ Twitter (with millions of trending hashtags), and YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine in the world ) are another necessity for modern branding. All of these methods can be used to sell your main product and blog. A blog just makes it easier to sell yourself to potential readers and clients, because it allows your followers to get to know you more than just having a website. They see you as a real person, not

Build an online community

You may never meet some of the people who share the same interests as you from other parts of the world, but this is easy with blogs. People are able to share and discuss on the topics they are interested in and support each other thanks to a community created by a certain blog. Blogging allows you to learn from other people as well as share the knowledge you already have . If you share your contact information, you may make some lifelong friends thanks to blogging.

How to Turn a Blog into Profit?

Choosing the Right Niche It is important to remember that even if you are about a certain topic, it may not be as profitable as other topics. This is unfortunate but true. You can blog about anything you want as long as you are just doing it for fun. However, if you want to make money, you have to choose the right niche that people are interested in. The same applies for what you are an expert in. Blogging for profit is dependent on the audience rather than what you are good at. You will be very fortunate if the area you are an expert in and are passionate about is what people are looking for online. Working hard at a niche that isn’t profitable won’t make any difference at all. Some of the most profitable niches include:

  1. 1 Health and fitness – People have recently joined the health and fitness bandwagon and are looking for natural ways to stay healthy and fit. You can choose topics like healthy meals with basic foods or something more extreme like Keto/ Carnivore/ Low Carb Lifestyle, Intermittent Fasting, or Plant Based. Also, some other topics might be simple exercises one can do at home to complicated gym routines, and natural supplements or vitamins for better health etc.
  2. 2 Personal finance – topics like how to make passive income, side hustles that make you money, how to budget your income, how to make money from home or paying off debt.
  3. 3 Parenting -young parents are clamoring for help in raising children, so any experienced parent or caretaker has a wealth of information to offer.
  4. 4 Holistic or Natural Medicine-there is a market for those who wish to take a more natural approach to healing. Topics like reflexology, Chiropractic, Eastern Healing for the physical body or spiritual concepts like the Law of Attraction offer a wealth of possible readers.
  5. 5 Home Schooling
  6. the home-schooling trend is fast accelerating and advice or curriculums for better methods are always a hot commodity.To pick the right niche which you can focus all your efforts in, you have to consider several factors:
  7. People have to show an interest in the niche, whether rational or irrational e.g. Bullet journaling. You have a solution to people’s problem. People should be willing to spend their money on products or services related to the niche.

Creating Content for your Blog

If you are interested in blogging for profit, I am sure you have already come across the phrase, “Content is King”. The reason why this statement is quoted in every blogging for profit book, blog, or course is because, content is the only thing that will separate you from your competition. Whatever niche you pick, there is probably someone who already beat you to it. That’s not to discourage you because readers are always looking for engaging, mind stimulating, and useful information out there. The only tool you have to do this is the content on your blog. There are three things that you might want to keep in mind before creating any content for your blog:

WordPress-why it is the best?

WordPress is the best option for any blogger when they want their presence felt online, as it is the most used and has the widest reach via search engines and word of mouth. This is a CMS or Content Management System that will run your website smoothly and efficiently . It comes with different features, templates, and tools that ease the process of customization. With so many potential choices in WordPress, you will thrive online and be able to adjust to new trends very easily. The CMS is free (if you do a direct download of the software and use it to set up your own site or integrate it into an existing site , the online version and use of the WordPress site to host your blog is $ 2.75 a month), yet strong and flexible to accommodate your eCommerce needs. Read on to see why WordPress is your number one option as a blogger:

WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress is easy to use, even for beginners. The first time you have to use any software, you might feel intimidated. But this CMS makes creating your first website easy despite not having any experience with such platforms, as it is a click and do type of set up. There is no coding involved, and even the admin dashboard comes in straightforward language. Navigation is smooth whether you are looking for the best themes, installing plugins, customizing settings, or writing content. For the seasoned internet gurus, the simplicity of WordPress should not turn you off, as it will enable you to do more, quicker than doing your own coding. This is a powerful CMS that will enable you to customize your website the way you want.

Ready to Use Themes and Plugins

The outlook of a blog is determined by the theme you choose to use. The theme is not customizable in every aspect , but it does

help you get a unique look . The elements you add help your blog stand out among others with the same theme . However, it shouldn’t be overdone because excessive customization can affect how the theme is presented by different web browsers and screen resolutions. Excellent for a Static Site WordPress is updated periodically and therefore makes the best platform for a static website . This CMS will help your blog rank high with the search engines. If you have been marketing your blog using a static HTML website , moving to WordPress will bring many changes. This is due to the platform’s plugins that make your website easy to rank high. Besides, this CMS’ dashboard does not require a tech guru to make any necessary changes. Furthermore, it allows easy integration of your site with different social media platforms. Nothing increases your chances of appearing on the first page of a search page more than a social

Easy to Use with Your Mobile Phone

Mobile users outnumber other types of devices by a huge margin. Those who go online via a smartphone every day are more than those who use desktops, tablets, or laptops. So, if your website is not mobile friendly, you will be losing big business opportunities. WordPress takes the guesswork out of this process by offering a wide array of themes and templates that are mobile compatible. It makes adopting a blog that offers a mobile friendly web design very easy and a built-in function of the software . This simply means your design will adjust automatically to display content clearly regardless of the mobile device’s size, via WordPress.

Compatibility with All Popular Web Browsers

WordPress is compatible with all the major web browsers, with no known issues or errors. People use different web browsers, depending on their devices and

location, so your blog should be strategically placed where everyone can access it. Choose a theme that will appear as intended and avoid any that might look too small, too big, or will rearrange all of the elements when viewed with some browsers. WordPress has a compatibility that you can use to see how your blog looks in its mobile and web version when viewed using various web browsers. The top web browsers include Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Chrome.

Unique, But Intuitive Look

The intuitiveness of WordPress is related to its customizability. It allows you to choose to customize themes to get a unique look by using a plethora of colours, design, and layout. As a blogger, you know the brand you want and communicate it to your readers via the look of your site. The easy to navigate WordPress site will ensure your visitors will not struggle to find the icons to click. The links and all navigation buttons are laid out clearly without any distracting ads. Just because WordPress allows you to create something distinctive, your site does not become complicated or complex for users, as the built-in functions keep the site smooth and fully visible.

Buying the Domain

Finding a domain name is a primary step when creating a website. Where you buy and register the domain name will not affect your WordPress in any way. You just choose the site with which you would like to register your site (a list is below), based on the important things like if their price is within your budget, if you like their interface or if they have extra services that want to access quickly. You can buy your domain from any of the following companies, without worrying about the compatibility of your blog.


HostGator is one of the popular domain registrars. They also offer hosting after you have purchased your area. The hosting packages vary from as low as $ 3 per month. They have high-quality services, which include 99.99% uptime. By buying your domain from them and seeking their hosting services, your blog will start its journey online on a good note.


Namecheap is easy to use and incredibly intuitive. They are excellent in domain management services, which is usually very helpful. The domains are reasonably priced, plus you get a free DNS service combine with WHOIS protection. If you want tight security, this domain registrar offers SSL encryption.


GoDaddy is a famous domain registrar that also offers web hosting services. They are a big company and the largest name registrar worldwide. Apart from selling domains, they also have other services to support websites online depending on what you need. Their annual cost for a domain is $ 14.99, but sometimes they have incredible offers where you can buy a domain for as low as $ 0.90

Installing WordPress is easy to install, and the whole process does not take more than five minutes to accomplish. There are some web hosts with tools that enable automatic installation of WordPress so the process there would be a bit different, but the five basic things that you must do regardless of the methods you will use to install your WordPress are:

Getting Web Server Access Before installing WordPress, get web hosting services from a reliable company. This is what enables your blog to go online and reach your readers. So, select any company from the list above that sell domains and also offer web hosting services.

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