SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the idea here is really just to optimize your site. The things that you do in that realm is to make it better searchable by the search engines and this does apply to things you do off the page, such as getting backlinks. Backlinks are links back to your site that tells the search engine what your page is about.

In each marketing and advertising campaign, SEO plays a very important part that leads to your success. It may not be the only thing you focus on, but it is something that is becoming even more popular thanks to the invention of the internet. Without SEO, you will unable to help more customers find your website on search engines and increase traffic for your website.

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There are a lot of good search engines out there on the internet but at the moment, Google is supposed to be the number #1. Approximately 90% of people worldwide are using Google nowadays.

When someone searches for something with Google, they will get back a lot of results on the same page. Obviously , there are a lot of results pages on Google search. This shows them how many websites Google found that is probably relevant to what they are looking for.

Now, on the search results page, people can click on two types of organic results or paid ads links. Paid ads are results that a person or organization has paid Google to show up when a particular phrase or keyword has been searched. Organic results, on the other hand, appear naturally based on their relevance to phrase or keyword that was searched.


This means you should really pay attention to your ranking on organic search results, and doing SEO or optimizing your website for search engines is an important job.

When people search for something that is relevant to your website’s phrases or keywords, they will see your website in their search results. These are customers that are looking for exactly what you offer. On the other hand, if your website is not showing up towards the top 3 results or so or if it is not even on the first page, it is highly likely that your website does not exist, and no one can even find it.


All right, so now we are going to be talking about the language of SEO. In fact, I get a lot of questions about this. You know, it is particularly with beginners and people who are new to the internet marketing.

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Now, I just want to go through a few definitions and common terms of SEO. You know, whether you are an internet marketer or an offline business going online, you are going to need to know about this stuff. Let’s just go ahead and start off and go through some of the common terms in the world of SEO.

Starting off with SERPS

SERPS stands for Search Engine Results Pages and these are the pages you will see after you type in a search phrase into Google or another search engine such as BING or YAHOO or one of the other ones. They are basically the results of your search. Therefore, your goal is going to get up high in the SERPS, particularly with any phrases that match your business.

The next one is META TAGS

Meta tags are words that appear in the code of your page, but they do not actually appear on the page itself. They are going to tell the search engines, specifically in front of specific information about your page. The most common meta tags are for the description of the page and that is actually what you see in the SERPS when you type in a phrase. These tags are invisible to the user but not to the search engines and they are very important.


Title tags are the words that appear at the tab or the bar at the very top of your web browser. If you are on a page, for example, on YouTube, you will still see it when you go to another page or another tab in your browser. You will still see the YouTube logo and you will see the YouTube word at the top of that page in the same tab. That is the title tag. You know, title tag is very important. People can actually navigate between tabs in their browser and again it also tells the search engines what your page is ultimately about.


Alt image tags provide the alternative text for an image. You see, search engines cannot read an image. They do not have eyes; they cannot see. Therefore, you always need to provide some text that is going to describe the image so that the search engines know what that image is about and it does associate with your page. It can potentially help you teach the search engines what your page is about so you will have a chance to rank higher in the SERPS.


A hyperlink is just simply a link that you can click and it is going to connect you from one place on the web to another place on the web. You know , it can also be a downloadable document or something like that. Also, a slideshow, even hyperlinks can be attached to both text and images.


Anchor text is defined as the clickable text in a hyperlink. Marketers will use their keywords as the anchor text since it is going to describe the page that is being linked to, and again it can help in the SERPS. For instance, if you have a site on dog training and you want to link to another page in your site or another page outside of your site about dog training, in a part of your sentence, you might say “this is an interesting site about dog training”and dog training would actually be the anchor text for the hyperlink that sends you to that other page or that other site.


These are links from one page to another on your own site. For instance, this is an interesting article on dog training, and dog training links to another article or another page on your own site. It is an internal link.


The opposite of an internal link is obviously an external link. If you are linking to another site outside of your site and on a different domain, you’d use an external link.

PPC (pay-per-click)

This is a form of advertising that is exactly what it says . Every time someone clicks to your page on Google search with a keyword you bid for that page, you will pay. This is called AdWords. Whenever you do a search, you will see some ads at the top of the list. When you click those, the advertisers of those ads will pay Google but it brings them to whatever page on their site, a landing page or a home page or wherever they like you to go.


Organic traffic is the free traffic that you naturally get from the search engines as well as other directory listings. It is something that you do not have to do anything for. It is what’s coming to you naturally.

It is not pay-per-click. It is someone that types in dog training and if your site ranks for that keyword , they will click on that.

That is called organic traffic. Of course, the opposite of organic traffic is paid traffic like we mentioned before (PPC).

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A spider is also referred to as a crawler or a robot . These are basically software programs that the search engines use to locate and index or catalog all of the pages on a specific website.

Spiders will follow links from one page to another and they will revisit your site when you publish new articles. They will revisit them and index those new pages as they go along the internet. So that is why it is important to have links in your content; particularly to your own pages so the spiders come through and then they follow that link to go to another page and they will reindex that if you’ve had any changes. They are going to make sure that they see that change and reindex on Google.

In summary, those are a few of the SEO terms and the definitions that you are going to be hearing about. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next part.

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The first thing you must know is that when you do a search, you are searching Google’s index of the web in real time; you are NOT actually searching the web.

What happens when you do a web search


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